Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear is a county located in the north east of England. Its name is derived from the rivers Tyne and Wear around which the county is based. This county was established in 1974.

Tyne and Wear is composed of five primary boroughs:

This county stretches from the north east coast of the country down to the counties of Durham in the south and Northumberland in the north. It is an area that is full of contrasts with a rich industrial past that includes shipbuilding, mining and fishing. The position of the cities, towns and villages in this area meant that for many years it played an important role in the industrial success of the nation.

In comparison the county also has many beautiful coastal areas that can range from busy towns and villages to secluded hamlets and coastal paths. There are also many attractive inland places to live and to visit and wildlife and bird lovers find this county particularly interesting. Residents here can find it extremely easy to enjoy all the benefits of shopping in large cities, getting to the coast in no time at all or taking advantage of the inland landscapes as they wish.