Property in Tyne and Wear

The Tyne and Wear county covers a lot of different types of areas from cities to towns and villages to a breathtaking coastline. For this reason there are all kinds of property from flats, apartments, houses and cottages on offer at any given time to both rent and to sell.

People can choose from period properties or new builds here. Many former commercial and industrial areas such as quayside areas, for example, have gone through conversion and development programmes in the area so there are plenty of new developments here to choose from. The area is also home to a variety of universities and colleges so many properties have been converted or built for student use as well.

Some people moving to Tyne and Wear will live in its cities and towns but many like to live in more rural and remote areas or to buy or rent by the coast. Towns such as Tynemouth, for example, offer a range of seaside properties of all sizes, both new and old. Some people will choose to live permanently by the coast whilst others will buy second homes here and perhaps rent them out when they are not using them. Inland areas are also well catered for. Here you can buy period properties, new builds on specially designed estates or even remote country cottages and farms.